Medical Couriers

An assortment of medical pills, tablets and medicines

Expert medical courier services from Aylesford, Kent


Delicate medical items handled with care

Collection and delivery of medical and healthcare supplies, samples or equipment require a completely different type of knowledge and expertise. At Aylesford Couriers, we pay extra care and attention to medical couriers so these vital items are transported quickly and securely from pick up points to their intended destinations. We do not offer sub-contracts on these works to other courier companies so we can be in total control of accountability and responsibility. Our drivers are fully qualified and they completely understand the huge responsibility that rest on their shoulders. We are based in Aylesford, Kent and offer our services nationwide.

Our medical courier services are ideal for

  • Private medical sector
  • NHS
  • Healthcare providers
  • Biotech companies
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Doctors and lab technicians
  • Private clinics and laboratories
  • Universities
Blood Samples
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