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Secure self storage services in Aylesford, Kent

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Flexible and convenient storage options

Whether you need storage space in between moving homes or to store bulk orders for your business, Aylesford Business Centre Ltd offers a variety of storage options to suit your needs and budget. In addition to secure storage options with CCTV coverage, 24/7 floodlit external area and RedCare security monitoring, we are also able to offer a variety of value-added services that complement your business such as accepting your bulk order on your behalf and printing barcode and labels. As a family run business with a high emphasis on quality customer service and affordable pricing, we strive to meet your expectations every time you do business with us.

Our self storage services include

  • Wide range of storage options to suit your exact requirements
  • CCTV coverage with floodlit externals
  • RedCare security monitoring
  • Accepting deliveries on your behalf
  • Printing barcode and labels for your business
  • Courier services for shipping your materials

We also offer courier services across London and Europe, so contact us to find out more.

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If you are looking for secure self storage in Aylesford, Kent, call 
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